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Citrate-free formulations may be associated with reduced injection site pain when compared with citrate-containing formulations1–3

Reduced injection site pain may improve compliance to treatment.4
Injection site pain perception from bioequivalence clinical trials: Results of an exploratory analysis3,4*
CI = Confidence interval
*The study reports results of patient perception of injection site pain and injection site reactions from two bioequivalence trials with AMGEVITA® compared with citrate-containing adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis and plaque psoriasis. In both trials, injection site pain was an exploratory objective. Subject perception of injection site pain assessed after injection on a 100 mm horizontal visual analogue scale, with the left-hand extreme described as ‘No pain at all’ and right-hand extreme as ‘A lot of pain’. Measurements taken within 5 minutes of injection in the safety analysis set.
The citrate-containing adalimumab formulation studied above is no longer available in the majority of European markets.
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